Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Freeze-thaw see saw

Since my last post we have had some dramatic weather, at one turn thick snow to all levels allowing cross country skiing, then a few days later much milder and vanishing snow. The last couple of days have been a thaw period, and the hills are looking a lot less white than they were. However, there's likely to be still plenty to go at over the New Year period. Today was mild with strong winds over the tops, a good day for mountain biking in the glens! We went to Inshriach forest and the bottom of Glen Feshie. It was hard going in the sections (thankfully short) that were exposed to the wind, even at glen level, but once in the forest is was a lovely day. The pictures are looking west and show the extent of the snow at present on those slopes.

Happy New Year to all who have shared a path or rope with me with this year, thanks for all the fun, here's to 2015!

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