Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Meall Chuaich

High pressure still firmly in charge, at least in the Eastern Highlands, so a great day to get out. I took a jaunt up Meall Chuaich, a Munro to the  east of the A9 at Drumochter. At the weekend ease of access and a high starting point means these hills are very popular, today I met only one other person on the hill, but many ptarmigan and hare! We have had a thaw of low lying slow over the past few days, but still plenty on the hills. Meall Chuich had much less snow than the surrounding hills, what there was was excellent spring snow, with a soft top centimetre or snow. Good for walking, would be easy snow for skiing as well at the moment. Feels like Spring in the sunshine in the glens, but winter still firmly in charge higher up.......on the walk in today I was overheating and glad I had remembered sunglasses, but towards the top I was in the usual Goretex suit of armour, goggles, and navigating by compass and pacing! Looks like the weather will revert to the usual Highland winter norm later this week, so make the most of the sun if you can!

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