Sunday, 8 March 2015

Rainbows & floods

We've had a big thaw over the last couple of days, and rivers and burns are in absolute spate. Having decided on a trip to Glen Feshie today we had to turn back and go the other way around due to the road to Feshiebridge having become a river! We got there eventually, but there is water everywhere, with lots of flooding.  If you're heading out into the hills you need to be really aware of how in spate the burns are, as they could either stop your progress and/or be extremely dangerous. Plan your route carefully!

Once in Glenfeshie we had a great mountain bike down the glen and then back over the great singletrack on the West side of the river.  Soon after starting out got doused in horizontal icy rain, which left with an early stream crossing left me wet from top to bottom. Fortunately the sun came out to make the rest of the trip bearable, but in was glad to get into a warm shower at home! Hopefully the photos give you and idea of how full the rivers are, as well as the sparse snow cover on the lower west facing slopes rising from the Glen up to the Moine Mhor and the Cairngorms proper (which are still snow bound of course!)

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