Thursday, 12 May 2016


We have been enjoying some fabulous weather over the last week, especially so on the West coast, where temperatures have been consistently some of the highest in the UK, in the mid 20s Centigrade.
At the start of the week I had a quick dash to the incomparable Torridon hills to do a mountain bike loop that has been on my list for some time. This is the classic Beinn Damph loop. Although not enormous in terms of distance, there is a good amount of tricky climbing to get done, before the final long, long blast down singletrack all the way back to Loch Torridon. The final ten minutes of descent through the sun dappled warm pine forests, rich in scent, were a fitting finale to a great day. A change back to Arctic northerly air streams tomorrow, so forecast to be much colder, albeit still dry!

Fantastic singletrack riding, fantastic views

Good spot for a break
And another!

A pause for breath during the helter-skelter descent. Beinn Alligin looking magnificent across Loch Torridon

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