Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Winter Hillwalking Skills-Day One

Emily was out with me today for the first of three days, aiming to learn and consolidate winter skills. She is over from Australia for a short holiday and keen to make the most of her time. Winter has made a welcome return to the Highlands with plenty of snow. We started with a discussion of how to interpret weather forecasts and avalanche forecasts then it was straight onto the hill. We covered footwork and use of the winter boot, kicking steps etc before looking at the ice axe as a tool for security and to stop a slip. We found some hard snow on the side of the Fiacall a Choire Chais which allowed us to do some crampon work up onto the ridge. We finished the day with a look at how to use avalanche safety equipment; transceiver, shovel and probe to effect a companion rescue. With just 30 minutes of training Emily was already looking competent----being also keen on backcountry/off-piste skiing these will be really important skills for her.

First time on crampons--great fun

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