Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Winter returns

Yesterday I had the pleasure of introducing some American visitors to the beauty of our corner of the world.  The plan was for a lovely Spring walk, but the weather had other ideas!  When we left the car down in Glenmore the grass was green. By the time we returned we had to scrape thick snow off the car-----winter was back with a vengeance! In between we enjoyed some lovely bits of forest, chatting about everything from politics to lichen. We spotted the reindeer, which really cemented the Arctic atmosphere of the day. Conditions above the treeline were pretty hostile for those unused to them: a "snow in your face" kind of day. They all did really well, and it was a pleasure to guide them. Enjoy the rest of your holiday folks, hope to see you again.

Before the snow. Happy clients=a happy guide

The snow starts to fall.........

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