Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Spring lockdown & a look back at winter

As I write this the world seems a very different place from just a few weeks ago. What we took for granted has been wrenched from us, and we're all feeling vulnerable and uncertain. For my own part, grand Spring climbing plans are on hold, and work trips to Skye, Wales, Morocco and closer to home have all been cancelled or postponed. Planning anything is impossible at present. On the one hand such frivolous activities may seem unimportant in the midst of crisis, but on the other I realise again just how much the mountains and wild places mean to me and so many clients and friends. They are what makes us who we are.  I have been in touch with all of you who had bookings for April and May----thank you for your understanding and flexibility.

Many of you will also know that I am also a doctor, and thus for me this has not been a time of staying at home, but transitioning back to the hospital as a regular workplace. It's not the mountains, but at least I feel I'm helping to some degree, and am lucky to be in a position to do so. How long this crisis will go on for  no-one can say, and it will be a slow readjustment as and when we come out of "hibernation". But the mountains and crags will still be there for us, and will be all the more pleased to see us for having had some peace.

It's been a while since my last post on the Blog, and sorting through photos to post up has made me take stock and realise that I've had a busy, productive winter, and have been really very lucky. The below video is just a very small selection of photos from the winter, a mixture of play, work and more learning.

Best wishes everyone, look after yourselves, see you on the mountains soon.

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